Working in the Field

We welcome supporters who choose to spend time working within our programs on short and long term assignments. By offering your time to support and enable those who are skilled, enthusiastic, adaptable, and eager, working in a developing context, you will make a difference in eye care provision worldwide.

Become a mentor in global optometry

In locations where optometry schools have recently been established, there is a lack of professional development support for new graduates to progress along their career paths to becoming faculty themselves. Without the development of locally grown faculty the fledgling optometry school will struggle to become self sustaining for the long term.

We are calling on experienced optometrists to work as faculty and mentor new graduates in developing communities who are working hard towards forging a sustainable path for the new profession.

We believe mentoring is a powerful and effective way of transferring knowledge, skills and experience. Joining our new generation of global optometrists gives you an opportunity to give new optometric professionals the confidence, guidance and support to contribute to vision for everyone…everywhere.


Optometry Lecturer, based in Uganda

Dates of assignment: August 2018 – July 2019
Work Type: Full Time
Applications close: 30 June 2018

The optometry lecturer will be based at Makerere University (MAK) located in Kampala, Uganda. The candidate will be working within the College of Health Sciences within the newly established Bachelor Degree in Optometry. The candidate will also assist with the implementation and management of the program. Other key activities might involve assisting with advocacy for the optometry program and strengthening the capacity of national faculty members.

Working in Australia

Optometrists, contracted by the Institute, are vital partners in sustainable Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander service delivery programs. Working on a contract basis offers flexibility, interesting travel opportunities to rural and remote destinations within Australia, and experience Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community culture close up in a real life setting.

If you are a qualified optometrist with an interest in public health service delivery who would like to offer your skills on a one-off or regular basis, please register your interest by contacting us.